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PIP assessments: 'Lack of trust' in benefits systems

Failings in disability benefits assessments - including claimants being asked when they had "caught" Down's syndrome - have led to a "pervasive lack of trust" in the system, MPs say.

Disabled peer raises ‘deep concerns’ over impact of Brexit bill on rights

Disabled people should be concerned that the process of leaving the European Union (EU) could see their rights “lost or watered down”, according to a disabled peer.

Government’s suicide prevention boss refuses to call for action on ESA risk stats

The head of the government’s national suicide prevention strategy has refused to call on the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to highlight the high risk of suicide faced by people who receive out-of-work disability benefits.

Antipsychotic drug found to relieve symptoms suffered by millions of people with Alzheimer's disease

An antipsychotic drug has been found to relieve symptoms suffered by millions of people with Alzheimer's disease worldwide.

New 'miracle jab' promises to ease arthritis pain - and save the NHS billions too

A new 'miracle jab' could save the NHS billions per year. The medical breakthrough could lead to money being saved in hip and knee replacement surgeries.

Suffragettes needed? The women still struggling to vote

Frustrating. That's how some women describe accessing the vote, 100 years after the law changed.

Majority of disability benefit claimants being left with not enough to live on, campaigners warn

Some 60 percent of people claiming the main long-term sickness benefit believe the amount of money they get is not enough to live on, according to a major new survey.

DWP promises no-one will lose out in huge review of 1.6 million PIP cases

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has promised that no disabled people will have their benefits reduced because of its decision to review 1.6 million personal independence payment (PIP) claims.

Psychosis patients 'not getting best care'

A key government target for caring for people with severe mental health conditions in England is being missed due to underfunding, research suggests.

UK sick pay is found to breach international legal obligations

Statutory sick pay and government assistance for jobless and self-employed people in the UK have been found to breach international legal obligations.